Creating a Balanced Work-Life Experience – Working from an Office vs. from Home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new opportunity for employed people opened. With the numerous lockdowns, social distancing, and other things posing various restrictions on society, more and more of the workforce has switched to working from home instead of going to a work location every day. Obviously, this option only applied to sectors and positions where working from home was feasible, namely seen in hi-tech and other industries that rely heavily on computer-based positions from an office.

Many employees still prefer this new working method. Firstly, it is time-efficient, as one saves time and expenses traveling to and from an office. Such time is then allocated towards the work instead. On the other hand of the spectrum, as offices were no longer or less in use, employers save tremendously on expenses to keep the establishments open. Costs such as rent, electricity, water, parking, etc. were all saved as revenue for any company that switched to remote working. Many employers also found that worker productivity did not decrease, despite their new surroundings or distractions. In fact, for many companies, morale increased as people were able to spend more time with their families and loves ones. Finally, working from home allows employees to have more freedom by choosing where they want to work, be it from home, a café, etc.

Now, however–two years after the onslaught of the pandemic and ease of restrictions, many companies and employers have returned to work from offices. This has caused some pushback by some employees, as they have grown comfortable working from home for over a year. Yet, one must consider that there are more benefits to working in an office than working from home.

Workspace is essential because it allows professionals in various fields to perform their tasks more effectively by enabling face-to-face communication, exchanging of ideas, and teamwork. Working on a project whilst surrounded by other people boosts creativity and aids in the development of collaborative and social skills.

At AN Allnew Tech LTD, one can tell that the office's open-plan design has been optimized to promote productivity, creativity, and personal development. Experts from various departments, such as customer service, finance, sales, and marketing, can easily come together in one place to collaborate effectively.

Another reason to choose to work in an office, especially like ours, is that it allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. When you work from home, especially not in a separate space from your other at-home activities, sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between working and resting hours. When you work at the office, on the other hand, you finish your workday and return to the confines of your private residence and can more effectively relax and enjoy your free time. In many ways, stress is reduced to a greater extent because of this.

So, if you want to improve your social and collaborative skills while enjoying teamwork and being a part of a large “work family”, AN Allnew Tech LTD is the right place for you.

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