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AN Allnew Tech LTD provides outsourcing marketing services to clients, namely in the FinTech sectors. It has grown steadily since its inception about five years ago, tripling its customer portfolio and employee numbers.

As the company expands and new positions in various areas become available, employees are given numerous opportunities to gain experience and achieve personal development. Other benefits encompass social ones, such as a multisport card and supplementary health insurance.

The company also places a high value on communication, collaboration, and teamwork. Every Thursday, they host a Happy Hour with food and beverages. Additionally, the company gets together every year for team-building exercises through a variety of activities. Such gatherings promote greater inter-office relations between different departments, allowing workers to bond and have fun.

AN Allnew Tech LTD overall fosters an inclusive environment where everyone is welcomed and valued. Employees freely interact and bounce ideas off one another to aid in their own personal work and general duties. The company also provides many resources to each worker to assist them in developing and immersing themselves in their duties.

As a result, our workers’ efforts and hard work are displayed in the quality of the products, design, and work ethic they emit. Therefore, the company recognizes hard work by including an awards program for employees each month base on their results.

All this and much more promotes positive vibes that permeate the workplace and creates an atmosphere that encourages each employee to give their best, not just professionally, but personally as well.

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