Drivers of Employee Motivation

At AN Allnew Tech LTD, we understand that motivating our employees entails more than just remuneration incentives and benefits. We increase engagement by providing far more essential things, such as learning and personal development opportunities, a sense of inclusion, attention, and a high level of satisfaction with the various jobs we offer.

How do we achieve this? By respecting and encouraging each employee's ideas and visions, the company provides various job opportunities for workers to develop, grow, and contribute to the overall success of the business. Additionally, we are proud of employees who have been with us since the beginning, thereby providing them with chances to advance their careers over extended periods of time.

The company believes that it gives its employees more than just jobs, but also meaning. We see this through our employees’ responses to high levels of engagement. We accomplish this by evaluating which positions are most suitable for each worker based on their current and developing skillsets. We also allow them to use these assets to the maximum extent by knowing our teams’ strengths and weaknesses and allocating workers to each team appropriately.

AN Allnew Tech LTD also places a high value on cross-functional collaboration, which benefits our employees by making them feel more included and, as a result, more satisfied at work. Each of our leaders spends a significant amount of time with each member of the team. This is not limited to just onboarding and training, but also on a personal level. We encourage an “open-door” policy amongst workers and upper management, allowing for greater connectivity between seniority levels of management and the workforce. Not only is this stimulating for both parties, but it has also been shown to improve employee performance significantly. This stems from the fact that employees tend to prefer work environments that are open, free, and less restrictive, as well as fostering a more communal sense of workmanship.

Finally, we also value worker satisfaction and the need for fun. Therefore, we promote numerous events for the company and office. Be it in-office catering, unlimited refreshments, and snacks, or external fun days to spas, hotels, and outdoor activities, we understand when our employees need to just relax. Such activities end up benefiting the company as well, as they foster greater connections between our staff in unobtrusive environments.

Overall, we at AN Allnew Tech LTD believe that just simply hiring someone passionate and ambitious about their career development is not enough. As such we take an active role in constantly motivating our employees while also providing them with a sense of purpose at work.

So, if you feel motivated to succeed in an encouraging environment, come check out our open positions here and start your career journey with us!

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