New Offices, New Perspectives

We are excited to announce that AN Allnew Tech LTD moved its primary offices to a new place a few months ago. This change came as we quickly realized how fast-growing we are and the space requirements we need to become even bigger.

Previously, we spent a few nice years in an office miles away from our new location. We filled it with unforgettable memories, hard work, laughter, and most importantly success. It was like home to many of us, full of bright, comfortable, and spacious rooms for our team. However, our staff needed more space to thrive. That is how we decided to leave, move, and create a new work-home environment.

Let’s us give you a quick “visual” of our new offices:


It is essential for AN Allnew Tech LTD that employees are comfortable coming to work. Driving through a big city can sometimes cause a lot of stress. Therefore, we made sure that our location was situated near the most convenient public and private transportation methods, to enable the fastest and easiest routes to come to work.

Additionally, the new offices are close to other business buildings and surrounded by a “business center” where people enjoy a nice park and various cuisine localities for lunch.

Inside the Offices

Walking around the office, one dives into a business vibe almost immediately. It is like the whole place has been optimized for productivity and growth.

This is primarily achieved by the fact that the office has an open-spaced design, while still maintaining intimacy between teams. Therefore, various departments - from customer support, and finance, to marketing can be in one place to effectively collaborate.

Overall, the company understands that in today’s fast-evolving business world, communication and collaboration play a vital role in the success of any business. Hence it proactively chose open offices to spark creativity, increase productivity, and bolster employee retention and morale.

Atmosphere and Vibe

Although we have grown significantly in our number of employees, we still manage to keep a “family” like feeling within the office. We do this by providing our staff with various benefits such as weekly happy hours, fun days, and more. We also have a large kitchen - where most employees prefer to spend their lunchtimes - filled with numerous snacks, and unlimited hot and cold beverages.

As clearly seen, AN Allnew Tech LTD shows a great propensity for success and growth, and it is just the beginning, as displayed by our new elegant offices!

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At AN AllNew Tech LTD, we value our customers and appreciate hearing how we can improve and better support you.
If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us!

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