Being a Part of AN Allnew Tech Limited – A Personal Perspective

Three years ago, I started working at AN Allnew Tech LTD. When I think back, I realize it has been - and still is - an enjoyable journey of learning and growing. There are so many wonderful things about this company, that are too long to completely divulge, but I will attempt to share just a few of them.

Creativity is Valued

I always imagined myself working in a place where I can be as creative and innovative as I want-a place where my ideas will be encouraged and valued. Many workplaces unfortunately are not truly accepting of open thinking and expression of new ideas, as they rely strongly on senior managerial input, approval, and direction. This ultimately limits workers’ creative freedoms. At AN Allnew Tech LTD, however, your creativity is boundless.

For example, the field of graphic designing is always changing and there is always room for improvement and to apply new concepts, techniques, and skills. At AN Allnew Tech LTD, as a designer, I had a lot of freedom to influence any assigned project, by applying my opinion on what appeals to my style and aesthetics. After familiarizing myself with specific expectations and views about a final project, I offered my conceptual ideas. I openly shared how I thought the product could be designed, and after some minor tweaks and input from others, my idea was implemented to the great satisfaction of others in my department and higher-ups.

Ability to Grow

The good thing about AN Allnew Tech LTD is that it is rapidly expanding. It opens new vacant positions, allowing new talent to join. The company welcomes and embraces new employees warmly and considers them valuable assets. Additionally, it enables existing employees to grow within the company and seek new opportunities. For instance, when I first started here, I was working as a designer, and after some time, the company was intrigued by my people skills and encouraged me to explore another passion of mine - so I moved to the support team. Overall, everyone benefits in this environment as new additions bring fresh ideas and different points of view, while current ones share their expertise, skills, and know-how. As such, we have very quickly grown from around 50 employees to a strong workforce of nearly 120 now, while still maintaining a family vibe.

Office Aesthetic

AN Allnew Tech LTD employees take two floors of a charming, well-situated, and modern looking building. Both floors support an open space atmosphere, allowing for greater communication and collaboration between various teams. Taking this into consideration, the company truly understands that each department depends on one another to do our jobs, and as such encourages us to interact with one another through meetings, fun days, and group outings.

Overall, AN Allnew Tech LTD encourages its workers to grow individually as well as for the benefit and expansion of the company. Finally, it greatly educates its workforce about the business it conducts, allowing one to keep track of current and future business challenges, changes, and trends, which can help an employee’s time at the company and elsewhere.

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At AN AllNew Tech LTD, we value our customers and appreciate hearing how we can improve and better support you.
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